Sunday, October 14, 2007

Still Green

We went for a walk at the trail down the street today and were surprised at how GREEN everything still is. Across the street from this area all the trees are lovely orange and red and yellow, yet where the paths are its all still very green.

We took the dog today and she had so much fun SNIFFING everything. There must be so many interesting scents in the woods. This time we actually saw chipmunks. We've been to these trails a few times this year and this was the first time we saw any critters.

I didn't get all the knitting done that I wanted to today. I made the super easy, super yummy pot roast in the crock pot though, so making dinner certainly was not taking any of my time, LOL!!

I did however finish my Halloween cards, LOL! Lately I have been getting back into stamping more. Its amazing how many things we crafters have that we don't even know about. Every time I go through my stamping supplies I find all of these, "Oh I forgot about this stamp!" or "Oh I didn't even know I had this, brad, glitter, medium, etc."

I still have to work on my Christmas cards and I want them done by December 1st so that I can mail them out early and everyone can appreciate my hard work and display it somewhere in their house as long as possible, LOL!!

I had a few projects that I wanted to knit this season that I don't see happening! I wanted to make a pumpkin hat for a friend's baby ... but soon that won't be appropriate to wear, so maybe next year!

Here's an update on what's on the needles in the WIP box (yes its actually a cardboard box - a small one, but still a box!):

  • Reversible Cable Scarf (Ultra Alpaca by Berocco)
  • Art Yarns Toe Up Socks
  • Tank Top (obviously for NEXT summer, LOL)
  • Alpaca & Matrix Scarf
  • Toe Up Socks in Zitron Trekking XXL by Skacel (for co-worker - I plan on finishing them in November when swaps and classes are over)
  • Magic Loop Socks (Knit Picks Essentials)
  • Afghan (Softee Chunky by Bernat)
  • Cat Dishcloth

Considering I ripped out two socks that weren't going anywhere anytime soon this list actually doesn't look too bad at the moment! I thought there were way more things on there!

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sunneshine said...

Scratches behind the ears to your dog! So cute!!

That WIP list doesn't look too bad. How come its more fun to start then to finish??