Saturday, October 13, 2007

Aaaahhhhh :o)

Well my magic loop socks are still only cuffs at the moment. I do like this method and want to finish these socks, but I have other things that have deadlines! So I think I will have to put these on hold for the moment until I finish some other knitting. The yarn is Knit Picks Essentials in Peacock.

I started something else for a swap pal today and I think this has to be the SMALLEST ball of yarn I have ever knit from, LOL! I'm not telling what this is so that I don't give anything away :o)

I was too busy this week to mention that I got my invite to Ravelry!! I started adding my stash and am trying to update projects, there is just oh so much to do on there and so many groups and people to find.

Next week I have the Charmed Knits class at my local yarn store based on the book. I am going to make the Quidditch Sweater. I am usually not a Slytherin when I get sorted, but green is a good color for me, so it will be in Slytherin colors.

The title of this post is "Aaaahhh" because I feel that I got a bit of crafting done today. Nothing really finished, but some progress anyway. I started Halloween cards, another swap gift and I got my SP11 pal's package packed up and my Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Swap pal's package packed up ... now I just have to get to the post office to mail them :o) That'll probably happen Thursday or Friday of this week.

I watched "Nightwatch" today. It is a Russian movie about the timeless battle between good and evil. It was very good. I am excited that "Daywatch" which is the sequel is coming out to DVD this month.

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jackie said...

nice socks. good to know you like magic loop. i use two circulars but have never tried magic loop or knitting two at once! that is real magic! congrats on getting into ravelry.