Sunday, September 16, 2007

Super Sunday

I finished two sets of stitch markers for the Stitch Marker Exchange. Its hard to find good light to take photos in without them coming out blurry or too shiny, so these are the best I could do!

I still have one more set to make. I went out today and picked up some bubble envelopes to prepare them for mailing, so I hope to get the last set done soon so that I can bring them all to the Post Office at the same time.

I took a Cast-On Class at my LYS last Wednesday night. I learned 10 cast on techniques (two of which I knew already). Found out that I was doing the Continental Long-Tail Cast On even though I knit English (throw the yarn from my right hand) and found that the English method was much easier, LOL!

I am working on designing a dishcloth that is Harry Potter related for the Hogwart's Sock/Scarf Kit Swap. So I went to the LYS today and picked up some cotton yarn to test my design out. Haven't cast it on yet, but the contest is going until Oct. 17th so I should have plenty of time.

I also finally found yarn for my swap pal for Hogwart's. I was having real trouble finding house colors that looked good together in the same brand and type of yarn. Some brands I looked at had a nice red, but no gold, and vice versa. I finally found something today that I am happy with the feel and colors and yardage. I am still working on the bag which is about 40% done. Glad this swap started with 8 weeks, still have about 6 and I was planning on making other things for this pal also, one of them started.

I found a pattern or two that I want to do for the Fall into Autumn Dishcloth Swap. I have the yarn on hand, just need to cast on and start that one.

I am almost done Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I think I have about 100 pages left.

My favorite show starts back up again tomorrow evening, I am SOOOO SOOO excited!!!!!!!

This Wednesday night is the start of the Magic Loop sock class at my LYS and it will go for 3 weeks.

I also picked up some Halloween papers today to make the Halloween / Fall cards for the Stamp Club swap that is due Oct. 3rd.

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