Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back and Forth ...

That's what Stockinette flat knitting feels like ... back and forth ... back and forth

I don't know why I procrastinate some projects. This child's sweater is actually a very quick knit if you sit down and do it. I finished the last 4" and shaping on the front and an entire sleeve last night. I cast this sweater on 1/7/08. I need to finish it by 2/16/08 for a birthday party.

It is coming out quite nicely. This is my first sweater with shaping and increasing. This will also be my first sweater that I have to seam all of the pieces together. I did a sweater for this same boy last year, but it was one piece and only had side seams.

I started these socks 2/3/08 when my Monkey socks ran out of yarn. I had to rip back to the cuff the other night and start over again for the pattern. I should know by now if something seems difficult or weird, I'm probably not doing it right.

One of the yarn overs in this pattern is done off a purl so its kind of backwards, when you knit it on the next round it seems like you are knitting in the back loop (but the pattern didn't say to ktbl so I didn't want to do that if it was wrong), so I was doing it through the front loop and wasn't getting a hole where the yarn over should be, so in the ribbing there were holes only on one side and what looked like purls on the other because I was twisting the yarn over and closing up the hole.

Lesson learned, sock looks good now and its much easier to knit this way, LOL!! Some how I was able to rip back and pick up the stitches on size 1 needles from the ribbing on the cuff. Usually I get really frustrated with this, but this yarn seemed to hold the stitches well and they were easy to pick up, many I had to re-position so that they were not twisted, but that's much quicker than starting over and knitting ribbing for 1 1/2" again!

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Karen said...

I love the little sweater...where did you find the pattern??