Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sweater Seaming Sunday

I spent most of my day working on this sweater, but that's OK because it all went very well. I would hate to spend all of this time and then not have good results, LOL!

Last night I started the second sleeve and finished that around noontime today. Once I had all of the pieces completed I got ready to start finishing. This is the first sweater that I have seamed, so I had books and magazines at the ready for instruction, and I also recently took a workshop on seaming. I didn't need my books much once I got started.

Here are the pieces.

Here's a close up of the shoulder being seamed. The first time around I took out and started again, I wasn't getting a good tension to match the knitted stitches, but it was good practice, LOL! The second time around I was going very slow and making sure the tension matched well.

Once I seamed the right shoulder the pattern instructed to pick up stitches for the neck. I had subsituted the yarn for this project, so I had one ball for each 2 required for the pattern, but two would have been handy for the neck part. I made two small balls so that I could match the colors as required. It was still a bit messy though! I took it slow so I wouldn't end up with a knotted mess.

Here is the neck completed. It was nice that I came out with the correct number of stitches picked up the first time around, LOL!

Here is the sweater with the second shoulder seamed and the buttons added. I also wove in all of the loose ends. I should have taken a photo of the inside. I think there were about 20 ends to weave in throughout because of all the color changes.

Here is a close up shot of the buttons and neck. I had to take off and reposition one of the buttons. I really do not like sewing buttons on! They move around while I am trying to sew them on. No matter how much pre-planning and positioning ahead of time, inevitably one of them is in a bad spot and the closure doesn't line up right.

All in all I am extremely pleased with this project. All that is left is to seam the sleeves onto the shoulders and then seam up the sleeves and side seams. I'll save that for another day this week. I am all seamed out for the day!


KimT said...

great job and great pictures!

Secret said...

Hi, there Dishcloth Pal -- looks like you did a great job on your seaming. Can't tell it was your first time. It is one of those tasks that seems daunting until you just do it -- hope you are having a great week.

Dorothy said...

Wow! It looks great!