Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not so Rockin' Sock ...

I finished the first Monkey sock yesterday and then weighed it on a postage scale and the what yarn I had left. The sock weighs a little over 2 oz and the yarn left is about 1 1/2 oz ... so I don't think I'll be getting another sock out of that skein. Since there is not even one mistake in the sock, I really don't want to rip it out to make something else ... also I really don't want to rip it out and start something else to find I end up with the same problem and run out of yarn again. So I think I will order another skein to make another one and then I will be able to get yet another pair out of what's left.

So after this mishap I decided to start in on the Jaywalkers that I had started previously ... only to find out I was somehow slipping the stitches differently before and they were coming out different ... and I think not right. So I scrapped that and started new socks with Wildfoote and a new pattern that I purchased the last time I was at the yarn store.

I finished getting everything for the Hot Cocoa Swap package that I've been preparing. I am going to take the buddy that I made around the house today and take some photos of him sharing in the fun of waiting for the game to start on Super Bowl Sunday.

For the first time in what feels like forever I heard birds chirping outside today. It was in the 40s but really felt like Spring. I sure hope Spring comes soon!

Go Pats!!


Jane Doe Jenn said...

I haven't made a pair of socks yet, but I like that idea you shared of weighing the yarn leftover and comparing it to the sock. I hadn't thought of that... I would have just knitted the second sock and said, "shoot" after finding out I'd run out of yarn. I'll have to remember that trick. I'm new to knitting, so I've been practising on dish cloths and haven't ventured into larger projects yet. By the way, you have a great blog name!

wildflower38 said...

I worry about running out of yarn when I make socks. Thank you for the scale tip.

Anonymous said...

I sent your package Priority Mail yesterday so you should have it by the end of the week. I just realized I forgot to include a card or even my name. I'm really sorry, I don't know what I was thinking!!!

Your Hot Cocoa Swap Pal