Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap Package!

I received my Hot Cocoa Swap package today from Heather. It even came in a purple box! Heather sent 2 sets of awesome stitch markers that she made, they definitely have a Spring feeling to them, I love the colors. I also received butterfly notecards, gummies, Lindt chocolate (who doesn't love that?!?!), Starbucks Hot Cocoa, can't wait to try that. Soy Wool Solids in the most lovely shade of purple, my favorite and its enough yardage for me to use in a class I am taking next week to make a hat, that worked out well!! And last, but certainly not least, the CUTEST crocheted butterfly in the most awesome bright colors!!!

Not pictured, only because I was thinking Oh cool!! and took it out and put it aside so it wouldn't get lost in the fray of me opening my package - a tea cup stamp. I love rubber stamping, so this is a nice touch.

I am also amazed at how often I find something in a swap that is sent to me that is something I've wanted to try, but didn't actually mention that anywhere. Soy Wool by Patons has been on my list, but I haven't had an opportunity or project to use it for. So it is always cool to find something you wanted and in your favorite color in a swap package!!

Check out Heather's stitch markers, they are lovely and really well constructed. I can't wait to use mine!!

Thank you Heather!!!


Surviving said...

I'm so happy you liked your package!!!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Great package! That butterfly is cute. Thanks for entering my 300 Contest, your tips are now logged!