Monday, February 18, 2008

New Paths for my Socks

I got New Pathways for Sock Knitters a while ago, and browsed through it, but had other projects to finish, so I didn't try to start anything. Since this is a long weekend and I just finished that sweater project, I decided to start learning the stuff in this book.

First I made myself some "A" and "B" stitch markers so that I could follow along. Seems like there are some more advanced patterns later on that require up to "G" so I will be making more later, LOL!

I started with the first Little Sky Learning Sock. I really like the way the increases are on the instep and the heel is short rows, but an interesting way to conceal the wraps and not end up with any of those nasty holes.

I also really liked that there are videos up on You Tube to follow along with. I usually do fine with diagrams only, but some of them in the book only have one photo for three steps ... so I wasn't sure how to place stitches on needles, etc. The videos were very helpful.
This sock took me a few hours to complete, I will make the other one soon. I think they are a bit big for my friend's boy, but that's good since its getting warm out soon. They can save them for next winter.

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Tama said...

I've looked at that book a couple of times. Haven't been able to make up my mind yet. Your sock looks really good! and I like how the heel turned out.