Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wahoo Weekend!

I am so glad it is the weekend. This week has been going by so slowly. I started a part time job every other weekend and I worked last weekend so I felt like I didn't get a weekend last week. Now I can actually enjoy this one.

Thanks to everyone who posted about my Cabled Earflap Hat!

For Wildflower38 regarding cables, cables in the round are just like cables in flat knitting, however, the only thing is that sometimes it is harder to keep track, so markers are necessary to keep track of where you are in the pattern.

Fearless Knitting

This was something from Knitting Daily that I wanted to post about earlier this year, yeesh, its already March!

Is there something you haven't tried because it seems Too Scary?

There are two things that I haven't tried yet that I want to - Entrelac and Faire Isle or any form of color work in the same row. Last month I did take a class at my LYS on Continental Knitting to learn how to carry the yarn in my left hand, so this would be helpful for color work.

Is there a technique you want to learn, or learn to do more skillfully?

I would like to be more comfortable reading charts. I havne't done much knitting from charts, hence I am not very skilled at reading them. I did take a class on the Cabled Earflap hat recently and that helped because we discussed reading charts in that class.

Is there something that stumps you?

Shaping eludes me at times, only because I haven't done it. I don't like patterns that tell you to do mirror images without actual instructions or make 1 or decreases without telling you what kind of stitch to use.

Is there something that you are dying to try, in your secret knitter's heart, but haven't dared because you think you're not a good enough knitter?

No, just not enough hours in a day, LOL!

Are you always knitting The Same Old Things, and you'd like to try something new?

I would love to make an adult sweater, I am working on one for myself. There are so many great patterns out there, but I am afraid to spend over $100 on yarn and mess it up. The one I am working on now only cost about $30 to make. So if this one is a success then maybe I will invest in a more expensive project!

Do you always knit for others, and never for yourself? Or perhaps you only knit yourself accessories, but never a lovely cardigan or pullover to wear?

I usually knit for others, but always have a few things on the needles for myself ... that don't get finished because I am knitting for others, LOL!

I think I might actually have a pair of socks for myself soon. I don't really like knitting two socks at once on one long needle, I get sick of untangling the yarn and its not very portable. I do want to be done the pair at the same time though! I've seen many people make socks at the same time, but on different needles, so I got a second needle set and tried that out myself.


Tama said...

I get "Knitting Daily" and saw the "Fearless Knitting" thing. I loved the buttons for blogs!

BTW: An adult sweater does not have to cost $100. Knit Picks has some fantastic yarn, all for really great prices. You can make a nice wool sweater for as little as $30. If you like machine washable wool you can make one of those for around $40 to $60. And their wool--especially the superwash--is very soft and really good quality!

Miss Me said...

entrelac is surprisingly easy. i'm a lefty, and surprised myself by getting it right the very first time i tried it... usually it takes a few goes before all of my stitches are travelling in the right direction!
and i'm with tama - there are some great alternatives for less expensive sweaters.

jessi said...

The socks look great! I agree about the two socks on one needle. I get so tangled up that I end up a nervous wreck.