Sunday, March 2, 2008

To Rip or Not to Rip ...

Is that the question? Friday night while I was working the overnnight shift, I started working on a scarf that I started a while ago. Well since I hadn't picked it up in so long, I wasn't readily familiar with the pattern ... so I made a nasty mistake ... it didn't look right to me at the time, but since I was tired, I thought maybe my gauge was off and that's why it looked different. No ... its that I made a glaring mistake, LOL!

The scarf is a reversible cable pattern, what I did was do a cable twist on the wrong side, so that one side had a much longer space between cables and it stood out ... maybe other people wouldn't notice, but I did. So later that day after I got home and slept for a few hours, I ripped back to the cable twist before the mistake so that I knew where I was in the patern, its too hard to count the rows with the twists. Now it looks much better and I am happy. It was really sticking in the back of my mind!!

I am still working on the Menehune sock, this is the first sock. I really like the pattern and yarn, but it is really slow going for some reason. I learned something new from Cat Bordhi about knitting the knit round of the SSK decrease on the gussett by knitting through the back loop so that the SSK look as neat as the K2tog, its working very well. Actually my SSKs look better than the K2tog now, LOL!!
When I was at my LYS last week I picked up some Berocco Comfort for my boyfriend, he really liked the feel of it from the other skein I got so I picked up some in a color better suited to him.

And last, but not least, the progress on the Cabled Ear Flap hat that I was taking the class on. This pattern is in the Winter 07/08 Nashua Handknits Cobblestone Streets booklet.

I think this is the first class project that will actually get finished, LOL!! I didn't have time to complete it in the last class, but am glad that the instructor had us stop and do the finishing in the last hour. So all the ends are woven in and the picot crochet edge is done, all I have left are 7 rounds of decreases for the crown and this baby is done!

I am really going to make an effort to finish any UFOs or WIPs before I cast on any new projects. Whether or not that works, I don't know, but I am going to try, LOL!! I'll make it easy on myself and plan to complete any UFOs that are on the needles as of today by the end of 2008 ... I think that's reasonable, LOL!!

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nice looking projects - that hat is GORGEOUS!

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