Saturday, March 15, 2008

What day is it?!?!

This week flew by and now its the weekend again ... but not for long! I am working the overnight shift this weekend, which means I get next to nothing accomplished for the rest of the hours in the day that I am not working because I am sleeping ... or in a semi-conscious state.

I was debating doing it (only because of time constraints) but when I saw an article in the current issue of Knit 'N Style magazine that there was still plenty of time to sign up for Sock Wars III, I decided to give it a try ... at the very least I get a pair of socks out of it and get to try a new pattern!

I am taking a class at my LYS on Mitered Mittens. The pattern is in the Nashua Handknits Cobblestone Streets Winter 2007-2008 booklet which also featured the Cabled Earflap Hat that I took a class on recenlty. This class is only two sessions, so I hope to get my "homework" done tonight at work so I am ready for the class on Wednesday. The yarn I am using is Taos 100% Wool by Crystal Palace Yarns in color #14 Midnight Oasis. The colors are dark and hard to see in this photo, but its a variegated twist and the colors really go very well together.

These are the other things I got at my LYS ... can't help going early when I have a class to browse what's new! On Your Toes by S. R. Kertzer now makes a Bamboo/Nylon blend. There were not too many colors to choose from, I think the store only stocked a few to see how it sold. I also got another skein of Araucania Ranco because I noticed what was available has dwindled down to one bin and I wanted to grab more before it was gone. Its amazing how different colors look in the hank and then how they look when wound in a ball. I also needed another skein of Taos for the mittens and size 9 DPNs which I did not already have, so I choose to try out Comfort Zone needles (plus this size was in purple ... so I couldn't resist).

My next sock project will be with this skein of Berroco Sox. I wanted to make a pair for my MIL, she taught me how to knit and was amazed at the self striping yarns I showed her, so I wanted to make her socks for Mother's Day with some self-striping yarn.

My Magic Lace Rib Socks are coming along nicely! I have one sock on the gussett decreases and the other one started on the heel flap. I really like doing both socks at once on different needles (2 on 1 needle is too tangled up in yarn and a pain in my opinion) so that they are done about the same time.

I cast on Seduction Socks by Ann Budd for the March Sockdown on the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. I think this color is going to look great with this pattern. To qualify for the prize drawing I have to finish the pair by April 30th.

And now I am back to getting ready for work in a few hours! At least the shift differential is good, LOL!! I don't really have a promblem staying up all night, but when I work first shift during the week, its weird to work overnight on the weekend. I only work every other, so I have one to recuperate!

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Tama said...

Oooo! pretty yarn! and your socks look great. I really like the Midnight Oasis yarn!