Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summertime ...

Here are some of my Works In Progress (WIPs) for the summer!

This is a scarf I started on when I saw one in my local yarn shop as a sample. I had the Matrix yarn at home, so I picked up the Alpaca to complete the project. This is Frog Tree Alpaca and Bernat Matrix held together on size US 10 1/2 needles. The finished project will have fringe on the bottom.

I started a crocheted headband for a friend who always wears headbands :o) I am going to do another in dark purple as well. This is Brilliance by Pattons and the pattern is from Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine.

This is a hat for my friend's toddler (size 2-4 years). The finished hat will have an upsidedown flower (with stem) on the top. The hat is actually more like a lavender or lilac color (but for some reason in certain light this looks blue ... the yarn is Saucy by Reynolds (100% mercerized cotton)and the pattern is from Knit It! magazine.

This is a scarf I started for my BF (so it will be finished by winter, LOL)! The yarn is Ultra Alpaca by Borroco (50% Alpaca, 50% Wool - which is super soft and fantastic to work with) and the pattern is from Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman.

This is my very first knitting project! Don't worry, I haven't been knitting that long, LOL!! I learned to knit last September and this was the first project I started. It will hopefully be finished later this year so I can use it in winter :o) It is a reversible squares afghan done in Softee Chunky by Bernat.

Here is my second try at socks. I finished one sock previously, but in my excitement to be finished, I neglected to read the next line on the pattern and only did decrease rows for the toe instead of a knit row inbetween each decrease row. So here's try 2 ... maybe I will end up with a pair of socks this time!!

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