Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why Humans Live with Felines

Well at least this is why I live with cats, LOL! They give me good laughs and sometimes I can even catch their antics on camera if I am quick enough ... and not doubled over in laughter.

The other day a woman at work brought in some sneakers from a friend who is making them and they were shipping samples. They were too big for my co-worker, but just my size. So she gave them to me. In the morning I wanted to wear the new sneakers, so I put them on and just left the box on the table. I came home from work, walk in the door and see this ...

Apparently someone thought this was left out for her enjoyment ... its the cheapest, littlest things that amuse these animals!

The other recent funny, it reached very high nineties around here a few times so far this summer. My bedroom is the furthest from the central air conditioning unit so the flow from the vent is not as strong as other rooms in the house, this room is also the most southern so it gets a lot of sun exposure. I take the cover off the vent sometimes to allow more air to flow, apparently somebody thought I did it so that he could cool off his face ...

And on to the knitting news

I started working on my swap package for my pal in the Hogwart's Sock Kit Swap. I won't give away too many details since this is not anonymous. But I made my own stitch markers and have never done any bead or jewelry work before and I think they came out awesome! I also made the bag last night, it just needs some finishing touches and will be complete. Also something I have never done before (but purchased enough fabric for a test piece or several actually in case I ran into problems, but I think I will use the first bag because it came out just fine).

I have given my wrists a rest for 2 days now and they are feeling much better so I will be getting back to work on the fingerless gloves this weekend.

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Lia said...

Your cats are funny! Just like kids - they don't care about the toy, they just want to play in the box it came in, lol!