Sunday, June 24, 2007

On and on and on and on ...

Some background for the following story (I'll keep it short and not rant and rave since I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure - completely unrelated to the following I am sure (that's sarcasm for sure!!!):

I've had an ongoing noise complaint with my neighbor. Our units are about 2 car widths away from each other. So in other words when she is outside on the phone she is literally outside my windows gabbing away in that really loud way people do when they talk on the phone ... or when her dog barks day and night ... I can hear it in every room of my house. She's fought with boyfriends via phone and in person outside at odd hours like 3am several times in the past. I usually get woken up 3-5 times a week because she is outside with her dog barking, smoking a cigarette and hacking up a lung at midnight or later (I used to be a smoker, so this is no insult to smokers, she literally sits out there coughing and being disgusting about it ... not a noise you want to wake up to!!!)

So Thursday evening the cable TV is out ... ok sometimes that does happen. So we wait, then try again, still out. Later I go to bed and the tv in the bedroom is working fine. BF tries the one in the living room and it is still not working. The cable starts at the back of the house, splits there and one section travels under to the bedroom, while the other cable travels along the side of the house (most of it under the skirting, but two areas are outside where it comes in from the main feed and then the other end that travels along under the side of the house, comes up out of the skirting for about a foot where it then enters through a drilled hole into the wall in the living room).

That evening, when the one in the LR started to not work correctly I said, gee, dumb*ss was out there weed-wacking earlier, she probably hit the line (somewhat joking). Friday I take a break at work and run to the cable company (next door to where I work conveniently enough) and swap out the old box because the customer service rep said that was the first thing to try. Doesn't work, so I schedule a service tech.

Well the cable tech comes out Sat and finds this:

Accident?!?! Intentional?!?! I'll let you decide, LOL! Funny how she's lived there for several years and this has never occurred in the past. I make two noise complaints in the last two months and this happens .... hhmm. If we are charged for it, I am sending the bill to the landlord (we own the units, but rent the land they sit on). I am certainly not the one who weed-wacked it or whatever happend to it ... so I don't think I should have to pay for the damages.

Anyway on to the knitting!!

This is more progress on the fingerless gloves. It seems like this is taking forever on these tiny size 1 needles.

Don't get me wrong, this Koigu yarn is fantastic to work with and the colors in this skein are candy to the eye. I have about 1 more inch to go and then I can start the thumb gusset.


Miss Me said...

i feel your pain... pop over to my place and read the "manners" posts. read the comments, too - i was surprised at how common inconsiderate neighbours are... and no, i haven't done anything involved dog "do" and fire, although it was an excellent suggestion!

Lia said...

UGH! Nothing worse than a bothersome neighbor when living in close proximity. I am sure the girls that live upstairs from us are so tired of the TV BLASTING AWAY (my BF is hearing-impaired), but I try to be considerate and turn it down when I come home.

Great looking fingerless gloves! I really like that colorway!