Thursday, June 28, 2007

No knitting for me today :o(

Should have been no knitting for me yesterday, but I lasted unil 7 or 8 pm before I just HAD to knit. I have some pain in my wrists and I think its from over-doing it knitting! I do some repetitive small range motion at work all day and I think that combined with marathon knitting is causing me some pain. So NO knitting today and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow!!

Here are some photos of my rose bush. Despite the negligence this poor thing receives, it still blooms beautiful flowers for me every year! There are more flowers in the back. Maybe that is the result of Doo-Dad's company (little orange guy there in the front).

Since I am not knitting at the moment, I am searching around for goodies for my swap partners in the Virtual Vacation Swap and Hogwart's Sock Kit Swap I recently signed up for. I also found a Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Exchange! So I have now officially filled my summer with swaps - Hogwart's due in July, Dishcloth in August and Virtual Vacation due in September!

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